Technology Comes to the Farm

FOOD MENTUM MAGAZINE, January 01, 2018 Food waste is a local issue and a global issue—as is food loss. While waste generally happens on the consumer and retail level in developed countries due largely to negligence and conscious discarding of edible food, food loss is more frequent in third-world and developing countries due to lack […]

Food Scraps 2.0: Take a Bite Out of Food Waste

FOOD MENTUM MAGAZINE, December 26, 2017 In my next life, I am going to become a menu writer. Customers will choose their breakfast, lunch, and dinner based on how I describe what’s going on behind the doors of restaurant kitchens. “Ooh, that sounds good,” or “oh my gosh, I bet that’s delicious” will pour from […]

Cheers to Reducing Wine Waste!

FOOD MENTUM MAGAZINE, December 11, 2017 Cheers! Bottoms Up! Salud (Health)! L’chaim (To Life)! Here’s Mud in Your Eye! No matter the celebratory toast, the grapes used for making the wine are among the more than four million tons of fruit that is harvested in the US alone each year. Globally, 28 billion liters (more than seven […]

Q&A: A social do-gooder who helps nonprofits use data to do more good

J THE JEWISH NEWS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, December 13, 2017 Name: Jonathan Kaufman Age: 35 City: Sacramento Position: Co-founder and principal, Third Plateau   J.: You were recently honored by the Sacramento Business Journal as one of the region’s “40 Under 40.” Your website describes you as a “Driver of game-changing ideas and awesomeness. Ambitiously ambitious. Trained slaughterhouse […]