What Claire Dunphy Taught Me About Parenting

VOCAL.COM July 18, 2017 I used to subscribe to the “Claire Dunphy School of Parenting.” The one she unapologetically shared in Season 2, Episode 2: “Your kids don’t need to know who you were before you had them. They need to know who you wish you were, and they need to try to live up […]

My Special-Needs Daughter’s Tallit is Her Superhero Cape

PUBLISHED IN KVELLER.COM, June 13, 2017 Being the parent of a child with a disability can be lonely. Being the single parent of a child with a rare disability that is estimated to affect a mere 1% of the population can feel like being sentenced to solitary confinement. Beginning in toddlerhood, my daughter, Kate, embarked on […]

Songs in the Key of (My) Life

MEDIUM.COM, June 2, 2017 I recently went through a difficult life transition that, like most transitions, led me to a reflective place. This time around, I was drawn to music to help me process — as Stevie Wonder might say, “Songs in the Key of Life” except they were the keys of my life. I […]

Dreaming of Becoming an Israel

TIMES OF ISRAEL BLOG, August 31, 2016 “As you drive HOME take a moment to realize that although you may have been to Israel on previous trips, this is the first time leaving Ben Gurion as an Israeli citizen.” Two weeks ago, El Al flight attendants scurried around the plane handing out last minute information […]

What a Long Strange (Pilot) Trip It’s Been

TIMES OF ISRAEL BLOG, June 16, 2016 Nine days after I landed in Israel, I returned home—my home, that is, for the next 67 days. As an upcoming olah chadisha (new immigrant), I left Northern California last week with one weekender suitcase, one carry-on bag, and one very short ‘to do’ list—find a place to live […]