About Me

Elissa EinhornAre you looking to reach a large audience with your stories? Then you need someone who has written for publications with a circulation of 50,000 readers.

Are you looking to access high-level sources and authorities? Then you need someone who has interviewed politicians, diplomats, dissidents, college presidents—even the guy who invented the technology for Snack Pack pudding!

Are you looking to produce content under tight deadlines? Then you need someone who can perform under pressure without compromising accuracy or style.

Are you looking for content that gets noticed? Then you want someone who generates these kinds of comments (check out more testimonies here):

“This is a GREAT piece. Other writers will be envious. What a write up!”
Lilly Rivlin, Filmmaker, Organizer, Activist

“Elissa is a breeze to work with. Extremely professional, good communicator, asks effective and efficient questions in her journalistic work, and takes full responsibility for her work. Highly recommended.”
Justin Todd, Impact Publishing

“What I like most about Elissa’s writing is that her own unique voice really comes through in her pieces, which also makes the reader naturally forget about the outside world while reading. While she is very cooperative in the editing process (like any good writer), she also stands up for some of the small details she believes should be in a certain way.”
Maria Huszar, CEO, FoodMentum, LLC

I’ve been a writer since I was 8 years old. Some 20 years later, I received a Master’s degree in Communications/Journalism.

Thousands of my articles about people, places, and things have been published in print and online, and selected works have earned writing awards, the first from the Society of Professional Journalists in 1988.

Check out my resume and samples to see how I can help you meet your objectives. I look forward to hearing from you!